Local Directory Publishing

Our system enables us to connect to top local directories for your business and update them in near real-time as a part of our ReachCast service.

How it Works

Local Directory Publishing
  • We take your business information, including phone number and address, along with enhanced details such as pictures, hours and featured offers and add it all into our platform.

  • Then, our system does a survey for your business listing on nearly 30 top directories, including Google Places, Mapquest and Yahoo!

  • Through our scanning tool, we check these sites to see if your business is listed and whether the details are correct.

  • Then, we automatically claim any listings you’re missing and update the ones that need new details.

  • We also publish rich content you have added into our platform, like photos and offers.

  • All of this happens in near real-time across our directories, so from one place, you can easily upload new details or update your business information like photos, logo and featured offers across these sites at any time.

  • Our technology reports the number of times your listing is shown along with views of your profile.


  • Improve listing accuracy to drive more phone calls and visits
  • Save time updating and monitoring your listings
  • Boost visibility through premium content and offers on select directories


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